Guipúzcoa is considering including tolls on the A-636 for trucks and cars.

The Guipuzcoa Provincial Council is considering including tolls on the A-636.

Guipúzcoa se plantea incluir peajes por la A-636 a camiones y coches.

Using the system similar to the A-636 highway, which connects Beasaín with Bergara, based on control gates for the payment of the toll on the road itself. The idea is that it will not only be charged to trucks, but will be extended to cars.

The Provincial Council is to launch this new toll throughout 2020 or early 2021 with rates that would reach an amount of 6.13 euros for the 15.5 kilometers of travel.

We remember, in April 2018, the High Court of Justice of the Basque Country declared illegal the toll to trucks in the N-I and A-15, launched by the Provincial Council, and that affects more than 10,000 trucks that every day transit through both roads, which affects the long-distance transporters that use them as forced transit to the rest of Europe.

Despite having declared this toll illegal, the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council decided to keep it in force until the Supreme Court resolves, in the coming months, the appeal in cassation filed by both the provincial government and the General Assemblies of Guipúzcoa in order to, thus, maintain the millionaire income that it collects each month from the hauliers, even with the risk of having to return it if the Supreme Court ratifies the nullity of the toll.

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