Lidl is committed to biomethane in its truck fleet.

Lidl is renewing its fleet of trucks and thus showing its commitment to greener logistics.

Lidl apuesta por el biometano en su flota de camiones.

Today at Vallor Trucks we are looking at Lidl, which has renewed its fleet of trucks with brand new IVECO trucks. These vehicles, powered by biomethane, are the result of collaboration between Iveco, LC3 Trasporti and Edison.

The new fleet will run on biomethane, which is a renewable and sustainable fuel both in terms of the CO2 levels emitted by the vehicle and the life cycle emissions, which are significantly lower compared to other types of fuel.

Lidl thus shows its commitment to greener logistics. Pietro Rocchi, Managing Director of Sales and Logistics at Lidl Italy commented; "our long-term goal is to gradually shift from fossil fuel-based transport to alternative fuels with reduced CO2 emissions, such as biomethane and LNG".

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