Pegaso Ekus and to replace the light truck range.


The Pegaso Ekus range was not ENASA's own product, but was the result of an agreement between the Pegaso and MAN firms, by which the Spanish firm would market the VW-MAN range of light trucks under the emblem of the winged horse.


To replace the J4 van, its lightest model, it would market Volkswagen's LT van, renaming it Pegaso Ekus and to replace the range of light trucks, PEGASO-SAVA's S series, it would market VW-MAN light trucks that they would also adopt the name Ekus. For the light van model, they would present a 2.4-liter, 6-cylinder Volkswagen engine with 75 hp diesel or 102 hp turbocharged, for light trucks they would present MAN-VOLKSWAGEN engines of 3.8 liters and 90 hp for the 1210.6 6-cylinder model. , 5 tons and 5.7 liters of 90 and 136 hp for the 1215.8 and 1215.9 models of 8 and 9 tons respectively.

The sale of this model would stretch until the last days of Pegaso back in the 90's before its sale to Iveco.


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