Pegaso square cockpit.

The square Pegaso cockpit

Cabina cuadrada de Pegaso.

The “Square Cabin” was not its official name, but rather the nickname it received at a popular level due to the design of its bodywork and which grouped the entire range of this series of trucks, which were differentiated through a complex numbering system.

It appeared on the market in 1972, after having been in development since 1964, with a view to entering the export market with force, something that the company had not achieved until then.


Unlike its biggest national and European rivals, the Square Cabin initially lacked a folding cabin, so access to its mechanics was through a front hood and, later moving the radiator to one side with a system of hinges.

It was designed by the Italian Aldo Sessano, author of models such as the SEAT 1200 Sport or the Jeep Ebro Comando, under the supervision of engineer Carlos Carreras Rius, responsible for the Pegaso BMR. The folding cab was not offered until 1975. It equipped the well-known "ball" gearbox, a four-speed gearbox with reduction gear, giving a total of eight speeds, whose gearbox was operated by turning the knob of the lever.

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