In Vallor Trucks we are dedicated since 2004 to the provision of second-hand multimarca second-hand trailers. We also sell semi-trailers, tractor trucks, vans, low and medium tonnage trucks, automobiles or industrial and agricultural machinery with total guarantee and with a relation between price and unbeatable quality.

All the service we provide would not be possible without our team of qualified professionals with extensive experience as transporters, commercial, mechanical or administrative, as well as without the huge workshop with all the necessary tools for the development of all vehicles and machinery that we acquire and then we sell. The objective is none other than to fully satisfy all our customers.

In Vallor Trucks we offer a wide range of vehicles from brands such as Man, Iveco, Renault or Volvo so that customers can choose according to their needs. Our merchants will be responsible for providing direct and personalized attention, and advise them in their final decision without any commitment. We have trucks, cars and trailers used, among others, at really competitive prices.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that all second-hand trailers we offer, as well as the vehicles and industrial machinery that we acquire, previously have a test to see their conditions and, before commercializing them, we carried out a meticulous set-up to guarantee them your safety. Thanks to this process we have achieved a large number of satisfied customers who have been using their vehicles for years.

Finally, it is important to say that, although we are located in Torrent, not only do we provide our services in this Valencian town, but we move throughout the Mediterranean corridor belonging to the national territory. In Vallor Trucks we know how important it is to choose used trailers or this type of vehicles and therefore we guarantee an integral and professional service so that you are completely satisfied.