Five tips to prevent truckers thefts

In Vallor Trucks we give you five tips to avoid being robbed in trucks.

Cinco consejos para prevenir los robos de camioneros

Today at Vallor Trucks we will give a series of tips to prevent thefts.

We are going to reveal some precautionary measures to prevent robberies and thefts:

  • Caution during stops and breaks Park in well-lit and crowded areas. Do not abandon the vehicle during breaks unless it is necessary. Keep all security systems active (doors, alarms ...).

  • Pay attention to the moment of loading and unloading to avoid petty theft Sometimes, the thefts are carried out by the company's own personnel or the workers of the company receiving the goods during loading or unloading. You must occupy your position during loading / unloading and monitor that there are no incidents, that merchandise is handled properly, that there are no suspicious movements ...

  • Stay inside the truck at night When at night you go to rest from your workday, it is better that you remain at all times inside the truck applying all safety measures. If you are going to spend the night out of the truck, do not forget the following advice.

  • Park the truck in a closed and guarded area when you stay out of the truck

    In case you are going to spend the night outside the vehicle, you must park in a place properly conditioned and guarded. For purposes of liability and coverage of your insurance, it is understood that it must be an enclosure:

    • Closed.

    • With access control.

    • With perimeter surveillance of the enclosure.

    • With 24-hour surveillance.

  • Take measures if you keep the merchandise during the weekend Often, when the delivery is made early Monday, the carrier may be left in charge of the custody of the merchandise. To avoid problems, the prevention measures are the same:

    • Spend the night in the truck.

    • Park the vehicle in an enclosure that meets the specified conditions

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