How a textile company ended up making trucks.

Renault was a textile in its beginnings

Cómo una empresa textil acabó haciendo camiones.

Renault was a textile company in its beginnings, but the elder son Louis, who did not want to continue with the paternal profession, at the end of 1898 he manufactured and sold his first vehicle, from here, he founded the Société Renault Frères, counting on the experience of the brothers Marcel and Fernand. In 1900 he presented his first vehicle of the brand, a small car capable of transporting 250Kg and in 1903 they produced trucks with one or two cylinders and 8 or 10 hp. Still with open cabins and carbide lights, but they allow loading up to 1.5 Tn.

Renault 1903

Unfortunately, in 1903 Marcel died due to illness and Fernand retired from the company in 1908, leaving the company in the hands of Louis. In 1905 the brand was selected to design a vehicle that incorporates taximeters for Paris, 250 vehicles were commissioned in the first order, this made it grow rapidly. Louis applied the teachings of Henry Ford (we are talking about chain production).

Renault 1911

They built the first four-wheel drive truck with an advanced cabin in 1911, when the First World War came Renault Fabrico trucks, tanks and auxiliary equipment. After the war, military trucks that are not necessary are sold at demolition prices and this puts Renault in a tight spot against its main competitor Berliet and then it will face the crisis of 1929 derived from the "crack".

In the Second World War, France is forced to work for the German army and the Vichy government, and at the end, after the Nazi liberation, Louis is accused of collaborating. He is arrested and imprisoned, but before his trial he dies as a result of the ill-treatment suffered. Renault nationalizes and expropriates all patents.

In 1978 Berliet merged with Saviem giving rise to Renault Industrial Vehicles.

1990 Renault acquires Mack and becomes a public limited company. Two years later it is renamed Renault V.I. and in 1993 it was privatized. In 2001 it was fully acquired by VOLVO, which renamed it Renault Trucks. In 2010 Volvo is bought by the Chinese Geely Automobile.

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