The groundbreaking design of the Steinwinter Supercargo.

The Steinwinter was a “scooter truck” of the early 1970s

El diseño rompedor del Steinwinter Supercargo.

It's probably the most "groundbreaking" and different truck concept you've ever seen. The Steinwinter was a “scooter truck” from the early 1970s that did not turn out to be as successful as expected.

Steinwinter Supercargo

It was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show under the name Supercargo 2040 with six and a half meters long, it had a Mercedes chassis, a Daimler-Benz engine, air suspension, anti-lock brakes, even air conditioning (a luxury for the time) and also included inside a small bed next to the passenger seat.

Steinwinter Supercargo

The design was conceived by Manfred Steinwinter, and the truth is that he solved the design from another point of view. One of the most important ideas of the design is that it could be used as a tug or load a cargo container on it or even be used as a bus, all these solutions could be given in this same vehicle design.

Steinwinter Supercargo

But the design had negative points, such as the reduced visibility from such a low point of the road and the longevity, it was not planned to fulfill the million kilometers. These two points made it not a successful design.

Its strong point was the load, it provided a load increase between 20% and 50% (depending on the load) than a conventional truck. It also had no funding and as a consequence Mercedes-Benz did not support the project, ending the future of the Steinwinter Supercargo.

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