The forgotten one of Pegaso, the Z-207 or Pegaso Barajas.

Today we mention a forgotten Pegasus or at least the most unknown of the models.

El olvidado de Pegaso, el Z-207 o Pegaso Barajas.

The Pegaso Z-207, nicknamed the "Barajas" for being the first to be produced in the Madrid neighborhood of Barajas, could be considered a direct predecessor of the Comet. This vehicle over the years, contrary to what happens with other Pegaso models, the Barajas remains a great unknown, for many, despite the time that has passed since it was launched. It is not too surprising, since adding all its variants, 4,500 units were not manufactured in eight years of life in the production lines.

Pegaso Barajas

The Z-207 was a truck that adopted solutions little seen at the time and that would not be implemented until much later, the result of Wifredo Ricart's ingenuity, such as the direct injection system or the use of light aluminum alloys for the manufacture of the motor. This engine also equipped a counter-rotating shaft under the crankshaft that made its operation very smooth and balanced at any speed. It had two interchangeable cylinder heads, one for each cylinder bank. It was a 7.5-liter cubic capacity machine with 120 ° V6 cylinders, with a power of 110 hp that was later increased to 120, which propelled the truck and its load (11,320 kilograms) up to 90 km / h.

Pegaso Barajas

Thus, in 1955, it came onto the market as a vehicle equipped with the most modern technology on an international level. It should be noted its aesthetic of great personality. So much so that the most prominent features would serve to identify the Pegaso brand from then on

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