El PEGASO 1061

In our blog today we talk about the Pegaso 1061 ... A classic!

El PEGASO 1061

Let's talk about this model that replaced the Pegaso 1060 in 1963. It admitted a total weight of 20 tons, leaving 14 available for box and payload. They were planned to couple a trailer of 18 tons of total weight in load. Therefore to make a 38-ton car-train.


Its main improvements were: the engine equipped with alternator and oil filter in series, with the servo-assisted clutch control, pneumatic control of the gear change multiplier (ball gearbox, described in model 1063), with servo- hydraulic steering, reinforced front axle, handbrake with mechanical servo-assisted air control, wider brake drums and thicker brake linings. The other characteristics are analogous to those of the stubborn series.

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