Barreiros' best-selling cabin

Barreiros was looking for a cabin that was more like the comforts that could be found in a passenger car of the time

La cabina más vendida de Barreiros

The cabin, model CP-67 (for the model with a bunk) and CP-73 (for the cabin without a bunk), self-supporting and were made of cold-stamped sheet metal. It was supplied in a range of 4 quite successful colors. The opening of the doors, which was from back to front, facilitated entry into the cabin. It was provided with key locks on both sides, the insurance is of the tourism type.

They were looking for a cabin that was more like the comforts that could be found in a passenger car of the time: thanks to its two large running boards it was easily accessed, it had deflectors on both doors, easily operated, the windshield wipers were twins with two high speeds, powerful and bright, rectangular headlights with a very deep parabola. In addition, the heating had a two-speed fan, also provided with anti-fog. The soundproofing of the cabin was by fiberglass, and padded fabric above the engine hood. Visibility without blind spots.


The first models had the headlights in the cabin, but later, around the year 73-74, the model was modernized both internally and externally. Inside, the control panel changed, which became more attractive, functional and modern, more in keeping with the times. On the outside, the headlights were placed on the bumper, the indicator lights changed shape and position and handrails were incorporated to clean the front window and the grille.


As a curiosity, it must be remembered that the headlights of these vehicles, which were placed on the bumper and that due to the vibrations, melted easily, and, in addition, they did not illuminate well enough, they were replaced by the Rinder ones, which illuminated better and were cheaper . They are the ones who assembled the Square and Tecno de Pegaso cabins.


This cabin was used by the Dodge and Renault brands, first in the Chrysler Stage and finally when the Renault Industrial Vehicles group (RVI) created the HISPAVINSA Society (Hispano Francesa de Vehicles Industriales, SA) taking control of the company, In a short period of time the old Barreiros Diesel models were sold as Renault models. These Dodge 300 (Renault 300) are the last vestiges of Barreiros.

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