The SAVA J4 van.

The SAVA J4 van that flooded the streets of Spanish cities.

La furgoneta SAVA J4.

Years ago the SAVA J4, a van with simple mechanics that managed to take over much of the small urban freight transport. Its manufacture in Spain was carried out in Valladolid, by the company Sociedad Anónima de Vehicles Automobiles, between 1965 and 1989, under license from the British Morris Motor Company. It is derived from the Morris Commercial J4 model, also sold first as the Austin J4 and Morris J4 and later the BMC J4 in the UK. After the purchase of SAVA by ENASA, it was sold under the name Pegaso SAVA J4 and with the arrival of the 1980s simply as Pegaso J4.


It had variants in the body to cover a wider spectrum of the market, the variants were: fully closed body, fully glazed for 9 seats, and mixed for 9 seats.

There were three series of this vehicle:

First series manufactured by SAVA, which was identical to the British one, but with the steering wheel on the left and its commercial name was SAVA Austin J-4, as a curious fact the arrangement of the gears was the other way around (English) and the driver's door it was sliding. It was also available with conventional doors.


Second series in 1974 the body of the J4 was redesigned and it was called SAVA J4, 5730, the black front grille was added with the square headlights integrated in the grille and the Pegaso logo and later the taillights would be replaced by rectangular ones. A new 1800 engine was incorporated in 1977 and was renamed SAVA J4 1000 by mounting an 1800 diesel engine and the SAVA J4 700 a 1500 diesel, the designation "700" or "1000" refers to the net load that the models could carry: 700 kg or 1000 kg.


Third series 978 and early 1979 the bodywork and its external appearance were modernized, adopting new rear doors with wider glass, the wipers went from being mounted on the top of the windshield to being mounted on the bottom, the dashboard was modernized, the engine shutdown was introduced by means of the key, by solenoid, because to date the engine shutdown was carried out by pulling a cable that cut off the supply of the injection pump, later front disc brakes were mounted.

The J4-700 was renamed "J4-800" and the "J4-1000" was renamed J4-1100. The change in name is explained by the increase in the maximum permissible technical weights, although the maximum authorized weights did not change.


The model J4-700 was renamed "J4-800" and the "J4-1000" was renamed "J4-1100". The change of designation is explained by the increase in the maximum permissible technical weights, although the maximum permissible weights remained unchanged.

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