The pioneering brand of electric vehicles in Spain.

Autarquía was a manufacturer of electrically propelled cars, founded in 1943 in the Spanish city of Barcelona, and directed by the military engineer Guillermo Menéndez de Aulestia.

La marca pionera de los vehículos eléctricos en España.

Today in Vallor Trucks we look at the past of the automobile in Spain between 1940 and 1945 founded the company Autarquía S.A. Electric Vehicles, divided into 3500 shares, of which 1600 went to Menéndez, 1150 were put into circulation, and the rest were distributed among investors. This event is dated January 2, 1943, although prototypes existed since the previous year, when it was called a project of national interest.2

The company was in operation until 1951, when Menéndez left ENASA as Head of Electrical Services. This was due to the release of hydrocarbon imports, which caused electric cars to cease to be a priority. However, the company was not dissolved until 1955.


Let's talk about the vehicles they manufactured, the chassis or frame was provided by Ford Motor Ibérica S.A.E.; it was model 51 and following, reinforced and conveniently modified. Its characteristics were: motor of 6CV of fiscal power, special type of self-ventilated traction, winding in series, able to support strong overloads, with efficiency superior to 85%. Electrical equipment, control and regulation by "controler", placed in the dashboard in a very accessible way with five forward and two reverse gears plus two braking on resistances. The battery was of 44 to 48 elements of lead, armored type for normal work with 400 complete cycles of load/discharge of duration. It was equipped with forward steering, with six disc wheels with 32 x 6 tyres, the rear being twin.

So the electric ones, are not a novelty, although it can seem to us in these times...

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