The last letter from PEGASO the "Solo 500".

Pegaso's failed technical and technological revolution with its Solo 500

La última carta de PEGASO el “Solo 500”.

The “solo 500”, designed by Francisco Podadera, was the last card Pegaso played, for this reason, it showed a revolutionary vehicle at the Barcelona Motor Show in 1989.


And for the time it was, we went into detail ... In the cabin, everything was electronic, conventional indicators disappeared in favor of screens, the steering wheel looked more like that of a formula one of the time than that of a truck, in which it collected all the most important functions of the truck, the opening of the truck was with a card and it did not have mirrors, but video cameras.


On the inside, it was spacious and comfortable and featured, you could stand inside the cabin and featured a fairly wide berth. The dashboard was quite unusual, as it housed several television screens and not a single conventional indicator was visible and what attracted the most attention was the steering wheel that we have already discussed. The doors were sliding and the steps to access the cabin were retractable.

Let's talk about its engine, the vehicle model already indicated that it had to reach 500 hp of power. For this, the well-known 12-liter engine was chosen by modifying the diameter of the piston and adding a turbo, an injection system ... The most curious thing, that ceramic elements were introduced into the engine to achieve those 500cv.


But the project stopped when it already had 10 orders for the vehicle to test in real conditions. A shame, since it would have been a true technical and technological revolution and a great leap in the world of commercial vehicles.

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