New approved toll in Guipúzcoa on the A-636

The PNV-PSE government proposes establishing a toll on the A636

Nuevo peaje aprobado en Guipúzcoa en la A-636

Today at Vallor Trucks we want to announce the new toll on the new Deskarga motorway, the A-636, with the exception of motorcycles, will have to pay a fee for use from a date that "may not be later than 31 December 2021", according to the draft legislation approved by the Diputación de Guipúzcoa.

The PNV-PSE government proposes to establish tolls in three sections of this 23-kilometre transversal corridor that runs between Beasain and Bergara, for which the system of gates would be implemented, similar to those of the N-I and the A-15, which do not have cabins and do not force vehicles to stop.

The rates that would be applied have already been set and published in the Official Gazette of Guipúzcoa, which must now undergo various public exposure procedures before being voted on at the General Meetings.

The sections subject to the fee are: the one between Beasain and Ormaiztegi junction, 2.8 kilometres; the one between Alegia and Zumarraga junction, 5.4 kilometres; and the one between Urretxu and Bergara junction, 7.3 kilometres.

For the first one, a gateway would be installed in Beasain, with a fee of 0.38 Euro for cars, 0.61 Euro for lorries weighing between 3.5 and 12 tons and 0.78 Euro for those weighing more than 12 tons. The second one would be in Ezkio and its fees would be 0.74, 1.18 and 1.50 Euro, respectively, and the third one, located in Deskarga, with tolls of 1.41, 2.32 and 2.87, respectively.

In addition, a fourth fee is envisaged for vehicles on the Legazpi-Urretxu section that leave or enter the 2.5-kilometre-long Antzuola half-pipe, which would pay, according to the three categories, EUR 0.48, 0.79 and 0.98, respectively

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