Seopan proposes a toll for trucks and cars on the main public highways in Spain

They propose the tolling of trucks and cars on the main public highways in Spain.

Proponen el peaje de camiones y coches en las principales autovías públicas de España.

Today at Vallor Trucks we are looking at the proposal of the Association of Spanish Construction Companies (Seopan), which proposes the introduction of a model for infrastructure charging to solve the investment and conservation deficit which, in the case of heavy vehicles, could be 19 cents per kilometre travelled on the entire network of intercity highways in Spain.

The novelty on this occasion is that Seopan has updated its proposal for tolls by throwing in the towel: compared with a toll of between three and 14 cents per kilometre that it proposed a year ago, it has now raised its proposal, which would be between nine cents per kilometre for a commercial vehicle and 19 cents for a lorry.

The CETM has responded to this proposal, arguing that "we are absolutely convinced that the introduction of new tolls would have immediate negative effects on the competitiveness of the entire Spanish economy, making the price of our products more expensive, making their export more difficult as a result of our peripheral location and weighing down production and consumption".

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