We proudly receive an IVECO from the Trakker range

The new range of Trakker vehicles of the Italo-Spanish brand

Recibimos con orgullo un IVECO de la gama Trakker

At Vallor Trucks we have the pleasure of having in our facilities a special edition of the Trakker models. Waiting for IVECO to take over sixty percent of the company ENASA the company that manufactured the PEGASOS.

The new range of Trakker vehicles of the Italo-Spanish brand represented progress made by PEGASO engineers and technicians who had already been preparing for some time.



The great novelty of this range of Trakker vehicles was the inclusion of fully bodied vehicles. Francisco Podadera, who had collaborated in the realization of the Pegaso SOLO 500, participated in the design of the vehicle. As a curiosity, the boxes were made of special anti-wear steel with a high elastic limit and great hardness that was reflected in the final price.

The Trakker range, as we can intuit with the vehicle we have at Vallor Trucks, was not limited to the three-axle dumper and the Podadera swingarm, it also had the option of an articulated vehicle to complete the PEGASO offer already existing in the construction sector.



The range had two three-axle and four-axle tippers with traction to the rear tandem axle that were intended to be marketed in both the autorack version and the bodywork autorack, which had been designed for mixed use in quarry-road. The powertrain common to both versions consisted of a 12-liter Troner Turbo intercooling engine with six cylinders in line and 24 Twin-Flow valves, which yielded 340 horsepower at 2100 rpm and offers a constant maximum torque of 145 mKg between 1,200 rpm and 1,500 rpm, which was put forward by the marketing department of Iveco-Pegaso as a guarantee of excellent elasticity, as well as great acceleration capacity and power reserve.



Multitrack system


The system was an articulated set consisting of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer with a axle to drive the rear axles, a solution used for open pit mines, quarries, forestry operations ... This solution allowed to overcome land of inclination maintaining great maneuverability. But due to its high price or its limited field of use, the model is little claimed by the public.

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