S-Way awarded with the "iF Design award 2020"

The IVECO S-WAY, which was chosen from 7298 proposals from 56 countries by an international jury of 78 independent experts

S-Way premiado con el “iF Design award 2020”

Today at VallorTrucks we would like to mention the IVECO S-WAY, which was chosen from among 7298 proposals submitted from 56 countries by an international jury of 78 independent experts. The selection criteria were the degree of innovation and elaboration, focusing on the uniqueness of the product, execution and workmanship; functionality, including usability, ergonomics, safety; aesthetic and emotional appeal, spatial concept; corporate responsibility in terms of production efficiency, consideration of environmental standards and carbon footprint, universal responsibility and design; and product positioning.


Thomas Hilse, president of the Iveco brand, celebrated the award with these words, "with the S-Way we have achieved our goal: redefining the idea of customer centricity with a vehicle that uses design and the latest innovations in connectivity and automation to provide a complete solution that will make our customers and drivers unstoppable".

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