Scania unveils its autonomous truck for quarries "AXL".

Scania reveals its new autonomous truck for quarries without cab.

Scania desvela su camión autónomo para canteras “AXL”.

Today in Vallor Trucks we look at a prototype of autonomous vehicle and without cabin. It is a concept of a quarry for quarries. "As different industries seek to streamline transport services and make them more sustainable, autonomous vehicles are increasingly considered," they explain from the Swedish brand. Thus, mines and large enclosed construction spaces are examples of environments that are favorable for autonomous driving pilots, since they are well-controlled locations.

"With the Scania AXL truck concept, we are taking a significant step towards the intelligent transport systems of the future, where autonomous vehicles will play a natural role," says Scania president and CEO Henrik Henriksson.

The AXL prototype is powered by a combustion engine, an example, stand out from the Scandinavian brand, "how traditional and new technologies are mixed", since it is "advantageously fueled by renewable biofuels."

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