Tesla could produce its trucks in 2021.

They talk about production dates to give the first units of Tesla's truck.

Tesla podría producir sus camiones en 2021.

Today at Vallor Trucks we look at Tesla Semi, Tesla's truck, which already has many reserves of companies that want their electric truck up and running. Since last year, Semi test units are rolling on California highways and, recently, one of Tesla's testers has assured California state police that this electric truck not only meets the figures announced by Tesla, but is capable of surpassing them.

There is talk of the inclusion of two variants of Tesla Semi, only differentiated by the autonomy of charging their batteries, as one would have a range for just under 500 kilometers, and one more with 800 kilometers for each charge. The latter would have a special edition of opportune buyers, which would be distinguished by better materials and finishes.


Tesla has not made official the exact start date of the Semi production shares, but there is talk that this will happen no later than the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

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