A great, Pegasus Troner, the great among the greats

Pegaso Troner, a very well equipped truck designed for international routes.

Un grande, Pegaso Troner, el grande entre los grandes.

The key Project T-3, whose development began in 1983 and required an investment that the Pegaso alone could not afford, so a partner is sought for the development of the prototype, which later in its serial production phase receives the name of Pegaso Troner, and which is considered the fruit of agreements between similar companies on the part of the Spanish ENASA and the Dutch DAF that led to the creation of the joint venture CABTEC, founded to jointly develop a new cabin for the model Pegaso Troner and the DAF 95 from the Dutch DAF, which would later be customized by each manufacturer.3 The result was the Pegaso Troner, which in 1987 was presented to King Juan Carlos I at the Barcelona Motor Show.

The cabin of the Pegaso TRONER was internally prepared to spend a lot of time away from home, for international routes, with air conditioning, acoustic thermal insulation, pneumatic suspension seats and lumbar adjustment, autonomous heater, wardrobe, perimeter curtain, electric windows, mesh safety, bunk beds (a Flex spring mattress), retractable table, radio cassette, etc. All elements were within easy reach and sight. The equipment included four versions: from the simplest TL, TS, TR, to the most luxurious TX.

Pegaso Troner

In 1992 the 400hp Troner 1240 was introduced, which represented the maximum in terms of engine power, with a ZF 16S 160 Ecosplit gearbox, ABS, air suspension and an electronic speed limiter. This version of the 12-liter 6-cylinder in-line engine (96R1FX) represented the forefront in terms of power, each intake valve has an independent passage from the cylinder head, improving turbulence inside the cylinder, and the supply of air flow, the best injector location in the center allows high injection pressures. With all the modifications, an engine is achieved that at the same speed as the previous 367hp reaches the power of 400hp with 1200 rpm and a torque of 170 mkg giving higher average speed while reducing consumption.

Pegaso Troner

In July 1993 the production of the Troner ends, with more than 8,500 units sold. Its place would be taken by the Iveco Euro-Tech range, which was within the same line and segment as the Troner. Iveco, which still had a large stock of Pegaso Troner in storage, did not make it public until later..

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