In our company, Vallor Trucks, we have been dedicating ourselves to the general commercialization of tractor heads since 2004, backed by a reference brand such as Iveco in the Valencian town of Torrent, a strategic point near the cargo port of Valencia.
All the new tractor heads and vehicles that we market are perfectly approved for their purpose and have a full guarantee. We are characterized by professionalism, seriousness and efficiency in our work in order to achieve our main objective: the full satisfaction of each and every one of our clients. For this we have the necessary personnel and facilities.

At Vallor Trucks we take care of the export of the vehicles where the client requests, the contracting of insurance, transport plates so that he can pick up the vehicle or manage the logistics for transport to his destination. The objective of providing these services is none other than to make the client not worry about everything and not waste their time.

Before the sale of new tractor heads, exhaustive verifications are carried out to verify that the vehicle meets all its mechanical features to guarantee proper operation in the short, medium and long term and the safety of the driver. In the event that they do not comply, we have experienced mechanics and a workshop to carry out the relevant set-up.

Finally, it should be noted that we provide our services in all the towns located in what is the national Mediterranean corridor. If you want to buy new tractor units for your business, Vallor Trucks is what you are looking for. Our staff will offer you a direct and personalized treatment so that the vehicle you purchase adapts perfectly to the functions it will have to carry out.